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Beauty-trends of 2020

At the end of 2019 the specialists reflect on what will Korean skin care be like in 2020? 10 staged skin care systems have not gained popularity in Russia, colourful cosmetic jars and tubes with funny design are already hyped, is there anything else that Koreans will use to surprise us in the next decade?

We state with all responsibility: there is. Korea has swiftly responded to eco-request, paying great attention to organic products with most natural components; it concerns mass-market as well, which of course, is pleasant to hear.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Asian brands continue to combine newest technologies with time-tested recipes and ingredients. Microneedle patches, exotic extracts and comfortable disposable masks are not going to give their positions up.

On the whole Korean cosmetics are becoming more mature: in the market there appear more and more professional anti-aging products.

Sun protection still plays a significant role: SPF factor is just what we need.

According to business editions, in 2020, the South Korean cosmetics market will grow up to $ 13.1 billion, becoming the fourth in the world. It's only the beginning!