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Cleansing Art

Beauty starts with cleansing… Meet deep and delicate face skin cleansing with Cleansing Art – new line presented by Institute ESTELARE! The new series presents 6 products with a wide spectrum of action for different skin types. The unique combination of innovative developments with natural components makes each product as efficient as possible. Cleansing Art products not only gently cleanse the skin but also have a long-lasting toning effect.

Convenient soft packs with a spout retain the benefits of cosmetics during repeated use, and the perforation line allows you to use the product to the last drop.

Clean and well-groomed skin as if you have just visited a beautician!


Competitive advantages:

  1. 1. PEEL-OFF MASKS gently remove dead cells from the skin surface, are removed easily and without pain.
  2. 2. SODA SCRUB perfectly evens skin relief and complexion, contains soda particles.
  3. 3. BLACK BUBBLE MASK instantly cleanses pores and blackheads, express action in 5 minutes.
  4. 4. PEELING GEL gently peels of and softens skin, contains no abrasive particles.
  5. 5. DEAD SEA MUD MASK calms skin, draws out deep impurities, does not dry the skin out and does not get cracked when drying.

Cleansing series CLEANSING ART is: 

  1. 1. Multi-stage approach to face skin cleansing: from soft superficial exfoliation to drawing out deep impurities from the pores.
  2. 2. Convenient soft packs of 20 ml. Perfect for trips on vacation or going to the fitness club. The optimal volume allows you to use the product several times, but at the same time it will not dry in the pack and you will not get tired of it.
  3. 3. Modern creative art design of the products. Interesting and unusual design of the series will not leave modern fashionmongers indifferent and will attract additional attention to the products.