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Funny outside, serious inside!
The funny cow MOLOCOW cheers up and more! It knows what your skin needs in every season – prebiotics. This trending ingredient is holding a leading position in Korea's TOP in-demand assets for skin microbiome and anti-age care.
The benefits of "good" bacteria (in cosmetics, these are their fragments or lysates) are well-known: strengthening the immune system, preventing dryness and sensitivity. In addition, prebiotics provide collagen synthesis, therefore these are anti-aging ingredients.
Keep in the loop of sensations of the beauty industry with our MOLOCOW milky guide!
The collation includes:
•    Bubble air mask
•    Extremely hydrating sheet lactomasks
•    Ultra-nourishing fluid sheet mask
•    Sos hand cream with almond milk
•    Yoghurt hand cream Mango-nutrition
To purchase Funny Organix sheet masks wholesale, go to the official website of Amida Trade.